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Tendonitis is usually a repetitive-use injury, or a training error in sports in athletes. The tendon is an extension of the muscle, which attaches to the bone on the other side of a joint. When the joint is used repetitively or undergoes a sudden force, the tendon can become inflamed and swell and cause local pain. This is frequently seen in the shoulder in the form of a biceps tendonitis; in the elbow as a tennis elbow, both on the outer and inner side of the elbow. It is frequently seen in the wrist at the base of the thumb and is called a de Quervain’s Syndrome. Tendonitis of the knee cap can be seen in runners and those who participate in soccer, tennis, aerobics, stairsteppers and  speed walking. It is also seen in the ankle around the Achilles insertion on the heel. It is seen very frequently in people with tight calf muscles, with those wearing high heels, or people who are training on hills.

The treatment is generally initiated by diagnosing the source or cause of the problem, by determining the activity that is related to this injury. Initial treatment requires resting the tendon, using anti-inflammatories, followed by physical therapy to reduce inflammation, swelling and stiffness of that tendon group. Rarely, a cortisone injection may be required or surgical intervention.