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“Strain” is a term used to describe injuries to muscles. This consists of tearing the fibers of the muscles or the connecting tissues surrounding of the muscle fibers. Strains can be minor with short-term symptoms or can consist of large tears of muscle group which develop into thickened areas of fibrotic scar resulting in shortening of the muscle, reducing its elasticity and flexibility, and predisposing for recurrent tears. 

Treatment depends on the appropriate diagnosis taking in consideration the location of the injury, the mechanism of injury, the functional disability, and the physical requirement of the person. Most strains can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication, rest, immobilization and physical therapy. Occasionally, surgical intervention to repair the torn muscle groups is necessary. Examples of strains would be tears of the calf muscle, thigh muscles, rotator cuff, upper back, intrascapular muscles, back muscles and neck muscles.