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To efficiently and accurately process claims, we must have complete and correct information regarding your coverage in our records.

As a courtesy to our patients we will bill your private health insurance - we do not charge for filing insurance claims.

Important Notes

  • We request that patients bring their health plan cards with them to appointments. We use the information on insurance cards to bill corresponding health plans directly.
  • Payments are appreciated at the time of appointment.
  • Patients will receive a monthly itemized statement of all charges and payments.
  • Any balance due is the patient's responsibility and must be paid within 30 days.

If you need assistance or have questions concerning your insurance coverage, please go to Payment page for billing department contact information.

Dr. Wells is a “non-participating provider for all insurances except HMO’s. He is not contractually tied to any insurance company except Medicare.

Almost all insurance policies have “out-of-network benefits.” Therefore your insurance plan can reimburse you for his services. Please check your handbook or call your insurance plan for their fee structure.

We do not participate in Medicaid programs. For further explanation you may speak with our office manager.